I(Dr. T.P.Shashidharan,Ph.D)was born in Melur,Tellicherry, Kerala, India; studied in Jullunder, Punjab, India, High school in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh; colleges in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi University. 2008-unfolded a great year as I got my doctrate degree and bought a dream house in Sydney.My livelihood started from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, then Sultanate of Oman and a second trip to Dubai and that counts twenty three years of total in the Middle East. That was nearly half my life spent in the great lands of the Sheikhs. I always had an ambition to write an autobiography which would unfold these strange and interesting life time achievements, I am taking you through..

It's a long way that I came and this is dedicated to my family and my friends who know me and dear colleagues I met along in the different countries I worked.

Welcome all, have a good time and visit again. Please enjoy the song and the movie which opens shortly and sign in my guest book below. You are the Visitor #


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